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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Homemade Fire Fighting Robot [FREE Project Package]

9:00 PM

Hey Guys! Today I come up with a great project which you can make by yourself at home and submit as your final year project. This is a Fire Fighting Robot which spreads the water on the fire to eliminate it.

You can find the blog that I've been written on Instructables.

The project is pretty long to follow, so I've divided this project in 5-segments as per your convenience. I made a downloadable package having all the step-by-step making procedure and other stuffs (like circuit images) in it. you can download it from below.

Download Fire Fighting Robot Complete Project Package with Special Bonuses. 

Project Package Includes:

Parts and Component list with Images for Better Understanding.

 Project Maker Guide with step-by-step easy to follow Instructions.

Circuit images so you can use them in your presentations.

Here is a demo video of the robot:

Just Put your Name and Email Address below and the package will be sent directly into your inbox!!!

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